Montpelier Contra Dance at the Capital City Grange, presented by the Contra Dance Umbrella

Contra dancing brings joy and laughter and friends into your life. It is fun beyond words. Contra dancing is done to live music - guitar and fiddle and other instruments, playing jigs and reels. A caller teaches each dance, and tells you what to do. You just need to know how to walk! No need to bring a partner--men and women ask each other to dance.

Contra dances are 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturdays at 8 PM at the Capital City Grange on Northfield Road (Hwy. 12) about 1/2 mile south of Montpelier.

Next Dance: November 29, 2014
Pete's Posse (Pete Sutherland, Oliver Scanlon, Tristan Henderson)
Instruction for newcomers at 7:30! We'll teach some of the basic "figures" that will be called when the dance begins at 8:00. No partner needed, just bring a willingness to smile and have a good time!

Admission: $9, $5 for dancers 15 and under
Newcomers always welcome!

All dances taught
Dances are done in lines of couples. All ages -from 5 to 105. Each couple follows the calls, dancing with another couple. After you and your partner have done the dance figures with one couple you do them with the next couple in line. By the end of the dance you have danced with everyone in your set. There are about 9 or 10 dances in an evening. The convention is to ask a different partner for each dance and to ask people you don't know to dance. You get to hear lively music, enjoy some exercise, meet your neighbors, and build our community. What more could you want!

Please help us preserve our dance floor! Bring a pair of clean, soft-soled shoes, and change into them downstairs before joining the dance on the main floor.
Presented by the Contradance Umbrella

For more information about the dance, call 802-744-2851 (Todd).
For information about booking bands and callers, contact Dana Dwinell-Yardley at danadwyaatgmail [dot] com.

Information on other dances in Vermont

Contra Dances at the Capital City Grange in Montpelier:

November 29, 2014
Pete's Posse (Pete Sutherland, Oliver Scanlon, Tristan Henderson)

December 6, 2014

December 20, 2014
Wild Asparagus

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